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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Scope and provider

These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all orders and services that 3B Dynasty GmbH undertakes according to the customer's instructions. They apply to business and private customers at home and abroad. They apply from the establishment of contact to the complete conclusion of the business relationship as well as all follow-up business. If the general terms and conditions contradict those of the customer, supplier or third party, the latest version of 3B Dynasty GmbH's General Terms and Conditions always applies, even if these have not been expressly agreed or established.

Documents and quality requirements

First and foremost, the information in the webshop is relevant. In the case of specific inquiries, files, quality requirements, descriptions, etc. must be made available to 3B Dynasty GmbH by the customer and are deemed to be instructions. If detailed documents are missing, 3B Dynasty GmbH will deliver according to the industry-standard design and quality.

Offers and conclusion of contract

The product description contained in 3B Dynasty GmbH's online shop represents a binding offer for the customer. Customers can place their order using the online order form integrated into the seller's online shop. After placing the selected goods in the virtual shopping cart and having gone through the electronic ordering process, customers enter a legally binding sales contract by clicking the button to complete the ordering process. 3B Dynasty GmbH can also submit the offer to the customer by telephone, email or post. Customers can accept 3B Dynasty's offer by payment or by a written order confirmation. When submitting an offer via the seller's online order form, the contract text is saved by 3B Dynasty GmbH and sent to the customer as an email after the order has been sent. The customer can recognize possible input errors by carefully reading the information displayed on the screen by submitting the order via the online order form from 3B Dynasty GmbH. The customer can correct his entry as part of the electronic ordering process using the usual keyboard and mouse functions until he clicks the button to complete the ordering process. The German, English and Chinese languages ​​are available for the conclusion of the contract. However, in the event of ambiguities and deviations, only the German language applies. The order processing and contact usually take place via e-mail, chat function, telephone or automated ordering process. The customer must ensure that the e-mail address given by him to process the order is correct so that the e-mails sent by the seller can be received at this address. In particular, when using SPAM filters, the customer must ensure that all emails sent by 3B Dynasty GmbH or by him can be delivered. Offers must be verifiable in writing and, unless otherwise stated, are valid for 30 days. Unless otherwise agreed, offers are given with net prices ex works, without freight, without customs clearance, without VAT, without packaging and without other expenses. 3B Dynasty GmbH reserves the right to adjust the price if the material and production costs change significantly between the time of the offer and the contractual delivery. Contracts are binding for 3B Dynasty GmbH if they are in writing or have been demonstrably approved by management (e.g. confirmation or delivery).



Basically, the prices in the webshop apply to specific offers, these are binding. If no prices are offered, the prices in the webshop, on the order confirmation or on the invoice apply.

Contracts and framework agreements

Framework contracts are always valid for 1 year without additional agreements. Generally, a frameless size can be delivered within 2 weeks after the first delivery. The first delivery takes 2 to 20 weeks, depending on the goods and quantities. Without a special agreement, at least one lot is kept in stock as safety stock. 3B Dynasty GmbH reckons with 4 calls per year unless otherwise stated. It is common practice that the contractual partner is informed after the contract has expired and a call time or an extension is specified (additional costs incurred can be billed). Unless otherwise stated, 3B Dynasty GmbH can produce the entire annual quantity. Changes to specifications (such as changes to drawings, contract conditions (new delivery location) etc. must be renegotiated with 3B Dynasty.


Delivery times are binding if they have been confirmed by 3B Dynasty GmbH. Delivery times only begin when the necessary material is in-house and when all the necessary documents are available

are. The delivery deadlines standstill if this is not the case. Among other things, the delivery deadlines standstill, in the event of incorrect third-party deliveries, in the event of significant operational disruptions and accidents or in the event of force majeure. The customer has no right to compensation or withdrawal from the contract. In addition, 3B Dynasty GmbH reserves the right to over-or under-delivery of a maximum of 10% in terms of quantity. Deliveries abroad are not possible in the webshop, but deliveries abroad can also be made against advance payment.


The dispatch of the Goods is at the factory unless otherwise stated, is to be billed to the customer. If the customer does not pick up the goods himself, 3B Dynasty GmbH determines the shipping method. Use and risk of the goods are transferred to the customer when the goods are made available for delivery, even if the delivery is made at the expense of 3B Dynasty GmbH

Retention of title

3B Dynasty GmbH retains ownership of goods delivered to the customer until they have been paid for in full and all claims have been met.

Quality and defects

After delivery of the goods, the customer must check the work and notify 3B Dynasty GmbH in writing of any defects within 8 days. If he fails to do so, the delivery is deemed to be flawless and approved. The customer must report any hidden defects in writing within 8 days of their discovery. After the deadline for complaints has expired, any rights to defects are forfeited. If the delivery proves to be defective upon acceptance, the customer must give 3B Dynasty GmbH the opportunity to remedy the defects for which 3B Dynasty GmbH is responsible within a reasonable period, of course at 3B Dynasty GmbH's expense. If the customer fails to request rework within 14 days, the right to rework is obtained.


Unless otherwise agreed, invoices have a payment period of 30 days after the invoice date. However, 3B Dynasty GmbH is authorized to request an advance payment after consultation with the customer. In the event of default in payment and after two reminders, 3B Dynasty GmbH can take legal action.


If no special agreements have been made, 3B Dynasty GmbH guarantees the quality customary in the industry for its goods. 3B Dynasty GmbH reserves the right to a reject rate of approx. 5% for small and medium-sized series. Any further processing of the goods by the customer excludes the subsequent assertion of warranty rights. 3B Dynasty GmbH assumes no liability for damage cases resulting from the advisory activity of 3B Dynasty GmbH. The contractual liability of 3B Dynasty GmbH for damage to the product itself and for further damage is limited. In the event of damage, liability extends to the obligation to repair. The amount of the financial loss only includes compensation for direct damage (damage) insofar as its direct cause was violated by a proven, willful, grossly negligent breach of pre-contractual or contractual obligations or other duties of care by 3B Dynasty GmbH. The liability for damages is limited to the amount of the processing price for the defective goods. 3B Dynasty accepts no liability for indirect damage such as lost profit, production stoppages, loss of customers, etc.

Data protection

Customers and suppliers undertake to treat documents, information and data relating to 3B Dynasty GmbH that they have obtained in connection with or without the objective cooperation as confidential.

Final provisions

Swiss law applies exclusively to all legal provisions between customers and suppliers. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship is CH-8953 Dietikon (Zurich). Should individual provisions make these general terms and conditions ineffective or unenforceable, or if they become so, the remaining conditions will remain in effect. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the ineffective or unenforceable condition is to be replaced by the corresponding statutory regulation. This also applies to any gaps in the general terms and conditions.